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We want people to thrive, providing the simplest solution for experts and their clients to connect and transact.

Payments automated

Video calls with integrated payments take away the burden of administration: A smoother experience for your clients, giving you more time to focus.

Stay in touch

Telebond automatically notifies you for each session milestone. Never again lose your energy and time searching confirmation emails and other repetitive tasks.

Track your business

With more sessions, Telebond comes in really handy; dashboard and calendar integration provide a real-time overview of past activity and upcoming sessions.

Ready to simplify?

There is more to like about Telebond

Easy to use

Telebond is always available for your clients in the most convenient way, on any device. No signup required.

Always private

Private and encrypted peer-to-peer communication ensures that your conversations remain confidential.

Secure payments

Stripe handles billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world.


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  • Unlimited clients

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  • Website integration
  • Custom branding
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  • Support and assistance

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